16 Volume Pannier Ladies'-F45 size [Letter paper download pattern]
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16 Volume Pannier Ladies'-F45 size PDF download Letter paper 20 sheets

Ladies'-F45 size length17.7in

* 16 Volume Pannier pattern only
This paper pattern is available in inch and letter size.
If you need paper pattern in cm size & A4 paper size
Please click on the cm size & A4 paper size button on this page.

Ladies'-F35 size is here ー> Download
Ladies'-F40 size is here ー> Download
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The pattern shows how to make it and a cross-sectional view, and the number of meters of fabric you will need is also shown on the pattern!This is a pattern for a pannier with 16 layers of gathered ruffles to create the most voluminous pannier ever!This pannier can be used as a show pannier and is also excellent for stabilizing the volume.Panniers that would be quite expensive to purchase can be made for the cost of the fabric if you make them yourself!After printing, paste it according to the pasting line,Cut and use.The pattern has a seam allowance, so it can be used as is.

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