Train Dress Men's-LL size [Letter paper download pattern]
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Train Dress Men's-LL size PDF download Letter paper 50sheets

Train Dress Men's-LL size Bust 45.3in Waist 35.8in Length adjustment 63-70.9in

* Train Dress pattern only
This paper pattern is available in inch and letter size.
If you need paper pattern in cm size & A4 paper size
Please click on the cm size & A4 paper size button on this page.

Children's-10 size is here ー> Download
Ladies'-S size is here ー> Download
Ladies'-M size is here ー> Download
Ladies'-L size is here ー> Download
Ladies'-LL size is here ー> Download
Men's-L size is here ー> Download
-- Comment --
This is a pattern for a train dress that can be used for a wedding dress, which has been requested by many customers.The shape is a princess line with a 400-degree hem.In the photo, the hem length is dragging, but the pattern has a line to adjust the length, so it can be changed to a line without hem.The construction is quite simple, so it is recommended as a base pattern for your own arrangements.The simple production process is described on the website.Download as PDF data.

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